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Brownsholme Hall Tithe Barn wedding music with piano

Bespoke Entertainment for Wedding Receptions

Merseyside Rock Band with DJ package

Jessicas Ghost are available as a wedding band playing rock music with DJ package option in Merseyside, Lancashire, Cheshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester and North Wales. See www.jessicasghost.co.uk.

Bespoke Bands: Entertainment as YOU Want It

Dream Day Music are unique in offering a service whereby clients contact us with the details of their dream function band or wedding band, and we put it together for the price of any other regular wedding band. Can't find a band with a sax player? We'll form one, just for your event. Can't find a band who play your favourite tunes? We'll form one, just for your event. Can't find a band who'll play only songs released this year all night? We'll form one, just for your event. You get the picture...

What are the prices for a bespoke wedding band like this?

Well, you should be pleasantly surprised! Our bespoke bands are made up of full-time professional musicians with tours and gigs with some very big names under their belts (think artists like Paloma Faith, Craig David and Seal). Due to their experience and ability of musicians at the top of their game like these, there is very little rehearsal required (indeed, none if you don't mind them having a discreet music stand with a few notes), so all you're paying the musicians for is their time at your event. Prices start at as little as £650, for five professional session musicians in the line-up of your choice, including a singer, full PA, your chosen songs/style of music and a packed dancefloor!

How does it work?

Firstly, you need to have an idea of what you want. Most couples who get in touch know they want a certain type of line-up or a band to play certain styles or titles of songs but can't find a band that provide it. Once you have these details, get in touch and we'll do the following:
  1. We'll contact suitable session musicians to find out about their availability in order to confirm for you a provisional line-up
  2. We'll confirm a price, a sample set list based on your preferences, and provide demos for the musicians you'll be provided with; these will be for the individuals or demos of music the musicians have played together in the past
  3. Assuming you're happy, we'll take a deposit to book the band
  4. Our in-house arranger and musical director Craig Smith will arrange all the tunes for your purpose built line-up and distribute the music ('charts') to the musicians. We have lots of charts from previous gigs that we use towards bespoke band gigs, songs that we know go down well; arranging new songs takes time and adds a small amount to the fee, so consider this before requesting 40 songs!
  5. Your very own band turn up, set up and play some fantastic music!

Of course, the very nature of a bespoke band means there are lots of variables, but if you budget between £130 and £180 per musician for a one hour performance, and add approximately £100 per musician for a second set, you'll have a decent idea as to the cost of your band. Contact us with the details and we'll give you a no-obligation quote.

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